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Do credits roll over month to month?

Yes! If you don't use all of your credits in a given month, your credits will roll over to the next month. However, credits expire 1 year after the last purchase date. If you purchase a new Credit bundle, all of your current credits renew.

Do my credits expire?

Credits expire 1 year after your last credit replenishment date. If you purchase a new Credit bundle, all of your current credits renew with the new purchase date. For example, if you purchase 500 credits in January and don't use all of them, they will expire on the same purchase date a year later. However, if you purchase more Credits in October, the remaining credits you had from January will now expire a year from October instead of January.

How do I use credits?

Simple. During checkout, choose "Credits" as your payment method. Your credit balance will then be used to make the purchase. You can always see your current Credit balance at the top of the website. Please keep in mind that we do not currently allow split payment methods, meaning you cannot pay partially with credits and partially with credit card.

What are credit bundles?

Credit Bundles make it easy for you to stock up on Loop Community Credits. You can buy Credits in bulk and save money. The more Credits you buy, the more you save with bundles.

What are credits?

Credits are Loop Community's own currency. You can use credits to make purchases on the site. 1 credit = $1. If a track is $9.99, it would cost 10 Credits. You can buy credits in bulk and save money on your purchases. Credit discounts are not applied to hardware or software.

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