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Track Rig

Track Rig

Does Track Rig have a manual and spec sheet?

Yes! Check it out here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/v1h794xncdxqb58/TrackRigManual%20%281%29.pdf?dl=0

Does Track Rig work with Prime and Ableton?

Yes! Track Rig will automatically be recognized as an audio output device in Prime, Ableton Live, Logic, or any other playback application.

How do I use Looptimus and Track Rig with an iPad or iPhone?

To connect both Looptimus and Track Rig to an iPad or iPhone, first you need the official Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera adapter. Then you can plug Track Rig's USB cable into the adapter and the USB Host port on Track Rig. Then connect Looptimus into one of the USB Hub spots on Track Rig. Now Prime will recognize both Track Rig and Looptimus!

Why did you create Track Rig?

Up to this point, musicians have needed to purchase more gear than they actually need to get their track audio to their sound system. We created Track Rig to make a complicated process simple and streamlined. Track Rig is plug and play, and lets you go directly from your interface to your soundboard with 8 XLR outputs. Loop Community is passionate about providing resources that make your Sunday easier.

Is Track Rig bus powered?

No. Track Rig needs external power and is not USB bus powered.

What type of power supply does Track Rig need?

It's very important that you only use the power supply that comes with Track Rig. If you need a replacement, please contact us for purchasing options.

Can I rackmount Track Rig?

Yes! Purchase Rack Ears from us separately at trackrig.com.

What are the dimensions of Track Rig?

Track Rig is designed to be super light-weight and perfect for any rackspace or backpack. It’s about the size of a 15″ MacBook Pro. Dimensions: 14" x 7" x 1.75" Weight: 1 lb

What can I connect to the USB hub on Track Rig?

Track Rig acts as a USB hub for your computer. This means that your computer & device will gain 4 additional USB slots. Connect Looptimus, hard-drives, phones, USB drives, etc.

What's included with Track Rig?

Track Rig comes ready with a power supply & USB cable. Rack Ears can be purchased from us separately.

Is Track Rig Line Level or Mic Level?

Line Level. We want you to have the loudest and purest audio possible.

What devices does Track Rig work with?

Track Rig works with Mac &PC. You can also connect Track Rig to your iOS device using the official Apple USB Adapter. Depending on your PC, you may require a driver. If you have questions about the driver, email our team at support@loopcommunity.com.

What is Track Rig?

Track Rig is the best audio interface for live performance. Giving you 8 XLR outputs, Track Rig has everything you need to connect your tracks directly to your sound system. Track Rig connects to your device via USB and will be immediately recognized by your music software. There is no confusing audio routing or software. Track Rig also gives you four additional USB ports to connect MIDI controllers, external harddrives, or even charge your phone. Track Rig combines everything you need into one, simple box. Order yours today at trackrig.com!

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