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Can I use patches in tracks I create and sell?

Absolutely! We sell patches to support you in live performance as well as music production. We hope these are a great tool for you as you create music.

What software do patches work with?

We offer patches for various types of software, such as Ableton Live, Reason, OmniSphere, and others. Patches only work in the software application that they were created with, so make sure you own the software you're purchasing a patch for. For example, if you purchase a Reason patch, you must have Reason installed on your computer for it to open and work.

Can I sell patches I create?

Definitely! We encourage all of our producers to upload and sell the patches they create. If you're interested in selling your own patches, please contact us!

What are patches?

Patches are sound templates that you can use in audio software. Think Instagram filters, but for music software. Patches allow you to have the sounds the match your favorite keyboard, piano and synth parts from your favorite songs. To use patches, you'll need the specific music applicaton that the patch was made for. For example, if you purchase an OmniSphere patch, you will need Omnisphere to open the patch.

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