Loop Pro

What if I'm already using more than 300MB?

We've given you a 3-month period to continue to upload to Prime Cloud. We will be announcing additional Loop Pro plans in the next few weeks. You will need to choose a Loop Pro plan that works best for you by January 1st, 2020 or delete track uploads to make room.

What counts against my Prime Cloud storage space?

Only your personal uploaded audio into Prime counts towards your storage space (after file-conversion). Your track purchases from Loop do NOT count against your storage space and all users are given unlimited, forever downloads of purchased tracks.

What are Prime Arrangements?

With a Loop Pro monthly subscription, you can save all of your custom song arrangements in Prime Cloud! This means that when you create a new arrangement in Prime, change the key, move song sections around, you can save those changes in your library to use in another setlist.

What are Prime Teams?

With a Loop Pro monthly subscription, you can invite members of your worship team to join your team. With Prime Teams, you can share setlists with your team members so they can use their own devices instead of sharing a login. This is also a great solution for multi-worship leader churches who are sharing one account for their organization.

What are Prime Setlists?

With a Loop Pro monthly subscription, you can easily manage and sync all of your setlists between your devices. You can create a setlist on the web and have it automatically update on your iPhone, iPad or Mac! All of your setlists are saved in Prime cloud for future use.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes. In your account settings, you can cancel your subscription at any time. However, you will lose access to all Loop Pro features at the next billing cycle. Any Prime Cloud uploads that exceed the free storage limit will be deleted forever after 60 days.

What if I need more space, people or teams?

We will have additional subscription tiers available in the very near future. You will be able to upgrade to another tier at any time.