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Charts subscription

What is WorshipTools Charts app?

Charts is a digital worship song library and charts display app for mobile and web. Super easy to use and 100% free! Learn more at https://www.worshiptools.com/en-us/charts.

Do my Charts show in the Prime App?

Charts do not show in the Prime App. However, you can load them in the free WorshipTools Charts app and sync them to your tracks. Download Charts at https://www.worshiptools.com/en-us/charts.

Can my band members access the charts on their iPad to follow along with Prime?

Yes! If your band members are apart of the same church account in WorshipTools Charts App, they will be able to access the charts so that they can follow along with the the tracks in Prime. You will need to purchase a Team License Charts Subscription. Go to https://loopcommunity.com/become-a-pro/charts, click Subscribe and choose a Team License.

How do I connect WorshipTools' Charts app to the Prime App?

Connect your WorshipTools account to your Loop Community account in the Integrations tab on the website or in the Prime App. Watch this video for the full steps.

How do I cancel my Charts Subscription?

In your account settings on the website, you can cancel your subscription at any time. However, you will lose access to all Charts Subscription features at the next billing cycle.

How many PDF downloads do I get with a Charts Subscription?

A Charts Subscription gives you unlimited downloads of your charts.

How many charts do I get with a Charts Subscription?

With a Charts Subscription you get an unlimited number of charts per month. However, we may limit your account and access if we detect abuse of the service.

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