Meet the LC Team: Tanacea

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Gregory Tanacea

What’s your role with Loop Community?
My primary role with LC is driving my two compadres The Pankau and Matty completely batty. My secondary role is to ensure we are being innovative and moving in the right direction – upward.

Tell us about your professional audio experience.
I have been involved with audio to some degree for most of my life, over 22 years. I used to watch my step dad make DJ mix tapes from wax so he didn’t have to carry crates to his shows. I have toured nationally in a band, Dj’d in every major club in Frankfurt, Germany, owned a studio in Iowa, engineered live sound for acts ranging from KC and The Sunshine band to Brenton Brown, and I ran the audio program for a rather large church in Chicago (6 campuses) for a while. These days I am pouring it all into LC and training God’s people how to do their thing better.

What software / hardware do you use when making music?
Pro Tools is in my blood. It is like a bad family relationship. You can’t just dump it, but you try to stay away from it as much as possible. I love to use it, but I can get very frustrated with AVIDs exorbitant prices. I have used Reason for years (since version 2.5) and I am very impressed with Studio One 2 by PreSonus. As good as these applications are, none of them have captured my heart the way Ableton has. The utilitarian versatility coupled with the incredible creative possibilities of Ableton are unsurpassed barnone. I have used tons of different hardware through the years, but lately I am into killer midi controllers and converting my laptop into the instrument using Ableton.

What other areas of professional experience and training do you have?
I am a licensed teacher. Thats all I got to say about that (insert Forrest Gump accent).

What do you enjoying doing outside of LC?
LC has largely become my ministry to the church. When I am not working in my full-time gig or on LC I try to spend as much quality time with my family as possible. That is it – work, ministry, family (in no specific order).

You’re a passionate guy – what fires you up about what Loop Community is doing and where we are going?
Oh man… Don’t get me started – what is not to be fired up about? We are equipping the church, training the church, and empowering people as a community to grow better at their craft. I love that. The Lord has been doing some amazing things with LC lately – big things are on the horizon.

What do you enjoy most about being a part of Loop Community?
McCoy Boy and The Pankau. They are patient godly men who put up with my intensity and are willing to challenge and be challenged for the betterment of their personal, professional, and most importantly spiritual growth.