Propellerhead Reason Tutorial #1 and Free Loop Share

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Reason 4

Virtual Instruments:

(2) SubTractor

(2) ReDrum

NN-XT Sampler

Malstrom synth


Session Production Elements:

This session is affectionately named Melody First because I built the beat/rhythm section around the melody. I started with a bright piano patch using the NN-19 sampler and filled it out with an NN-XT synth patch. I enjoyed the way the two instruments interact with each other as they take turns carrying the melody. This interaction between the two parts help to create interest in a rather simple melody.

The Beat itself was programmed using the two ReDrum machines. One ReDrum has only a few percussion hits, while the other carries the core beat. Instead of just programming the drums using the ReDrum step pattern sequencer, I actually performed them using trigger pads. This adds life to the performance giving it a more authentic drum feel, by recording the actual velocity changes in the performance.

The bass was done using the Malstrom synth with quite a bit of grit added to it to give some edge that cuts the mix. I also recorded a mod wheel automation that opens the bass up at the end of the phrase.

Finally, I am opening the loop with a pickup beat that uses two SubTractors to create some interesting texture. These effects are bussed to a delay to give them a huge sound and massive sustain.

Please share your thoughts below. After all… this is a community.


Download the .wav and Reason 4 file here.


Brandon Pearce · October 9, 2011 at 1:38 pm


I am a sophomore in my undergraduate Music major with a focus in Worship Arts at Toccoa Falls College, a small bible college in NE Georgia. I just wanted to say thanks for the track! I’m going to try to reproduce something similar with a different melody. How did you input the bass? Midi keyboard? Finale?

I’m trying to learn on my own the kind of technological knowledge that it takes to produce quality sound with programs like Reason and Ableton. I have a heart for worship, and I hope to work in a church or christian education setting some day running audio technology and making my Savior proud by producing some beautiful music for Him.

Any words of advice as I dive into the world of technology and ministry?

Your brother in Christ,

Tanacea · October 10, 2011 at 10:33 am

Hey Brandon,

The bass was input using a MIDI keyboard. One of the best ways for you to learn how to use these applications is to get involved with the LoopCommunity user forums.

Thanks for commenting!

Steve · November 9, 2011 at 12:10 pm

Love the loop and i am going to use it on a powerpoint slide for the kids Ignite ministry at church, again awesome!


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