Track Rig on the Road

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If you’re a musician that uses tracks, Track Rig is the best way to run your track audio to your soundboard. It’s also lightweight which makes it great to take on the road! Check out all of these great artists that are using Track Rig.

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Phil Wickham

Micah Tyler

Chris Renzema

Vertical Worship

“Track Rig has been the perfect solution for our production on the road with Micah Tyler. It’s rock solid and built to last tour needs. XLR outputs with level meters have been amazing for quick patching and easy reference.” – Forrest Knight, Music Director for Micah Tyler

Ryan Stevenson

Andrew Belle

King’s Kaleidoscope

David Leonard

Adam Hambrick

Holly Starr

Levi Riggs

Todd Dulaney

Austin French

Hudson Moore

The Dryes

Jason Crabb

Paradise Now

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