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Leading by yourself? No drummer this week? Trying to fill out your sound? Loop Kits for Prime are here to help you!

Add a Loop Kit to Prime for added percussive elements and pads that fit with any song. Each kit has section markers, so you can jump around to the section that best fits where you’re at in the song. It also works perfectly with the Looptimus MIDI Foot Controller so you can spontaneously jump around and play with loops the way you want to.

Each new section in a Loop Kit has added elements to really fill out your sound. For example, the first section of a Loop Kit may have only a pad and a shaker. This is perfect for the intro and the first verse of a song. The last section of that same Loop Kit may have a kick, snare, two different pads, and three more percussive elements. This section would be great for the bridge or the last chorus of a song. As you play through your song, jump to the appropriate song section to get the right sounds throughout your track!

Loop Community currently offers five different Loop Kits for Prime. You can check them out here. We also offer a similar product for Ableton Live (Standard or Suite) that can be found here. Get your Loop Kit today, at LoopCommunity.com.

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