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One of the best parts about using tracks is the ability to customize the arrangement or the song. If you were using a normal accompaniment track or playing a background track on a CD, you are stuck to however the original song was laid out. With tracks, the sky is the limit!

Whether you are using Ableton Live, Logic, or another DAW to run tracks, you are able to customize your MultiTrack arrangement. You can cut up the tracks and move it around and then add in cues. But if you want to do this last minute during a worship rehearsal, it can take time and disrupt your rehearsal. With the Prime App, we simplified this process. With just a few clicks, you can create an arrangement that works for you.

After you purchase your track on, open up Prime. Click Add Song and your track will automatically be in the song list. Download the track to the app. At the top, you will see the waveform view of the track and all of the sections split up in the song. You could just hit play and play along with the song. But what if you want to shorten the track? Add another chorus? Delete a long bridge?

Rearranging the sections

All of the arrangement editing options are accessible by clicking EDIT SONG in the top right of the app. Then select “Edit Arrangement”. There are many reasons that you would want to rearrange a track. You may want to play the chorus to kick off the song or play a bridge earlier in the track. To do this click/tap and hold the section you want to move. Now drag it around to where you want to move it. Let go and your section is moved.

Deleting a section

Sometimes you will get a track, and the song is over six or seven minutes long. Usually in a worship service, I like to keep my tracks shorter than that for the sake of time. If you are on an iPhone or iPad, double tap the section you want to delete, and a menu will appear. Click “Delete” in the top left of the menu. If you are on Mac, right click on the section and select “Delete Section”.

Adding a section

If you want to play an additional chorus at the end of a track, or play the intro a few times to kick off your service, you can easily add a section in Prime. Double click on a section and then select the section from the menu that appears that you want to duplicate. Then select “Add new” on iPhone or iPad, or “Ok” on Mac. The new section will appear. You can leave it where it is, or drag and drop it to where you want in the track.

After you are done making changes, click DONE at the top left. This will save your arrangement inside of your current setlist. If you want to revert back to the original arrangement of the track, hit RESET.

Download Prime

Prime makes it easy to customize your track to fit your church’s service. Download it for FREE today in the iOS and Mac App Stores.

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Chris Lauckner · October 2, 2019 at 8:55 am

Once I delete a section, is it gone forever? Or can I just open a new Setlist and restore the original track.

Loop Community · October 22, 2019 at 11:54 am

Hi Chris, there are a few ways you can do this!
1. Double tap on another section, and select the one you want from the list to add it back
2. Click Edit Song, Edit Arrangement, then RESET to reset the entire song to the original sections
3. You can bring in the Original version of the track again to that setlist or another setlist by selecting Add Song, and then clicking the track you want.

Hope this helps!

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